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Ecocomposite Materials


Ecocomposites combine natural fibers and natural or synthetic matrix materials. Ecocomposites can be very strong and selections can be made for ultimate strength, elastic modulus, fracture resistance, impact resistance or ease of recovery, reuse, repurposing, or return to nature. Ecocomposites tend to be environmentally friendly and less hazardous to human health. They are also less dangerous or harmful in aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems. The ideal ecocomposite material will be made of all-natural materials, often wastes like rice straw, that are non-toxic, fully biodegradable and renewable. Ideally, the ecocomposite materials will be made with natural fibers and bio-based matrix materials, where the fibers remain identifiable in the matrix material and can be recycled or returned to nature at the end of their useful life.


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