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Papers, publications and presentations by David A. Bainbridge

Welcome to the comprehensive resource hub for the works of David A. Bainbridge, an esteemed ecologist, author, teacher, and historian. Explore a wide range of papers, publications, and presentations on topics such as desert restoration, sustainable agriculture, ecological economics, and more. With over 50 years of experience and a prolific output of over 300 articles, many books and book chapters, David Bainbridge continues to pioneer in the field of sustainability. Delve into his unique insights and extensive research that spans from energy use in ancient Petra to super-efficient irrigation and desert restoration. Join us in celebrating the lifelong contributions of a true sustainability leader.


David A. Bainbridge, Desert restoration

The world’s arid lands are failing and many need restoration work. This can be done, but everything has to be done right. 

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David A. Bainbridge, Environmental history passive solar building icon

Buildings are responsible for more than a forth of all climate changing emissions. Passive solar design uses solar orientation and microclimate resources to provide comfort without fossil fuels. These buildings are comfortable even when the grid goes down.

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David A. Bainbridge, Conservation olla irrigation button icon

Water scarcity is a growing threat. Super efficient irrigation can make the difference. Buried clay pot irrigation is a good example—cut water use 90% and increase yield. Heres how!

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David A. Bainbridge, Environmental history energy conservation icon

Energy conservation is the best bargain. Many of the important decisions in land use planning, building codes, transit, and street design affect energy demand and resilience.

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David A. Bainbridge, Conservation arcorns oaks icon

Acorns are a “grain that grows on trees.” Still eaten in many areas, Europe, North America, and Mexico but most common in Korea.

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David A. Bainbridge, Environmental history sustainable agriculture icon

Sustainable agriculture enables us to improve soil health while we capture more rainwater, minimize erosion and minimize leakage of nutrients. Agroforestry is an essential component of sustainable farming in many areas.

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David A. Bainbridge, Conservation true cost accounting icon

True cost accounting enables us to consider the social and environmental cost of our actions. Local, organic and sustainable practices win when true costs are counted.

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David A. Bainbridge, Environmental history ecocomposite materials icon

Ecocomposite materials combine natural fibers, resins, plasters, and clay to make products that can be recycled and returned to nature.

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David A. Bainbridge, Environmental history straw bales icon

Straw bale building is an all-American invention, pioneered on the plains where wood was scarce. Now adopted around the world for insulation value, simplicity, modest cost, and fire resistance. 

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David A. Bainbridge, Environmental history sustainable management icon

Sustainable management  of organizations, companies, schools and communities is now seen as essential to reduce climate impacts. Sustainability reporting helps identify areas for improvement. In February 2024, there were 8,254 certified B Corporations in 96 countries.

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Just Out

Bainbridge, D. A. 2024. Crossings: How Road Ecology is Shaping the Future of Our Planet. Ecological Restoration.  42(2):156. 

Bainbridge, D. A. 2024. Look to other cities’ stormwater policy. Opinion. San Diego Union Tribune. Thursday Feb. 29. 

Bainbridge, D. A. 2023. Restoration cost as a proxy for ecosystem value. Ecological Restoration. 41(2-3):65-66.

Bainbridge, D. A. 2023. Deep-Root strategies for propagating and planting seedlings for arid sites. Tree Planter’s Notes. 66(1):87-92. 


David Bainbridge retired in 2010 after more than 40 years of work as an environmental professional. He is the author of more than 300 articles and reports and 16 books. He continues to research and write on environmental history.

David A. Bainbridge, Author photo
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